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The ClickFix Plugin

There is another plugin for Cool Edit 2000 and Cool Edit PRO that also allows to remove "Clicks" and "Pops" from of a Wav file. It is called ClickFix.exe Version 2.05 (Copywrite Jeffery Klein.). You can find it at this link :


The evaluation copy allows you to only remove clicks and pops in a selection of 2 minutes max per Cool Edit session. In Juin 2001 the price of the full copy was $30 U.S.

We are anxious to clarify that we have no link whatever it is with the author and the publisher of this software. We also have no financial or other interest.

This Plugin compared to the Syntrillium's Ce2knr.exe has some very pleasant features :

      1)   A "Preview" enables one to listen in real time to the result of the click removal.
            This same "Preview" ( ou Prelisten ) allows you to listen and/or record the eliminated "clicks".
            This is very important for detecting scraps on music eventually torn away from the Wav file
            when the settings are too aggresive.

      2)    A great ease of use.
             The default presets are comprehensible to use and are efficient.
             It is up to you to adapt them to your old, poor and worn out records.

      3)    Very FAST.
             The example which follows, ( 15 seconds of music ) is extracted from a very worn out vinyl.
             This record is in a very bad state and the signal is really dirty.
             But it shows up the good performance of ClickFix.

      4)    The use of "Force Fix" is identical to the Cool EDIT's "Fill Single Click Now". But faster.


An automatic click and pop removal used with the Cool Edit's plugin with the followong settings takes :


      Window Sensitivity = 12
      Window Discrimination = 4
      Window Detect Big Pops = 60      check
      Window Multiple Passes = 20        check
      Window Pop Oversamples = 30
      Window Run Size = 25
      Check    Second Level Verification
      Check     FFT Size Auto
      Uncheck Pulse Size Verification
      Uncheck Link Channels
      Uncheck Smooth Light Crackle

An automatic click and pop removal used with the ClickFix plugin with the followong settings takes :


      Setting Sensitivity = 70
      Setting passes = 8
      Setting Lowest Meaningful Frequency = 20 Hz
      Setting Threshold = -30.8 dB      Amplitude 945
      Setting Maximum Click Width = 5000 microseconds      Samples 220
      Setting Margin size = 78 microseconds      Samples 3
      Setting Blend Size = 731 microseconds      Samples 32

These settings are drastic and are only used for this particular vinyl record.
My ear says that the results are of the same quality, but the advantage goes to ClickFix because of speed.

( The computer used is a Pentium III 900 Mhz. Memory 256 Koct Sdram 133 Mhz. )

The original dirty signal.

Listen to it HERE   ( 236 Koct    MP3 )

The removed clicks and pops.

Listen to it HERE   ( 236 Koct    MP3 )

The final cleaned up file with a few corrections.
( Noise removal, frequency ajustment, very slight reveb and normalization. )

Listen to it HERE   ( 236 Koct    MP3 )

This cleaning up can not take away any signal due to general wear on the surface of the record.
OK !!!
This is not really pure HIFI, but the record is in a really bad state. But one can at least listen to the result. and that is what is important to a nostalgic music and old record lover.

NEW : The recent ClickFix for Cool Edit version 3.00, has an Auto/Dynamic Mode and is very easy to use and gives good results.