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This article tries to describe simply the use of "Cool Edit 2000" in the use of preparing the transfer of vinyl disk music to Audio CDR.

The method is :

    Recording of one side of an LP record.
    Removal of hum and very low frequencies on this side.
    Eventually, normalization of the side.
    Division of the file representing the whole side into files corresponding to individual songs or pieces
    Removal of leading and ending blanks.
    Removal of "clicks" and other noises. This is done automatically and/or by hand.
    Eventual correction of the frequency responses.
    Eventual normalization.

( Some people won't agree with this way of doing things. I may be right or wrong, but in any case, I think that you should be able to start restoring. And then you can change the method or parts of the method. It's up to you to make things better. )

( Some softwares claim that they can transfer LP's to CDR automatically after a few mouse clicks. Don't believe them. Sometimes they do work, but you'll never get a perfect sounding result. Only hard work and the understanding of things can give you good results in every case. )