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We have tried several.. We retained only one. The reasons are its performance, power, flexibility, insensitivity to Windows "crashes", good programming and its moderate price.

It is the Syntrillium.' "COOL EDIT 2000 version 1.1" you can download it on various shareware sites, even foreign, as Cool Edit 2000 is only in English.

We are anxious to clarify that we have no link whatever it is with the author and the publisher of this software. We also have no financial or other interest.

It will be necessary for you to download the main installation module " ce2kmain.exe " and the module of treatment of clicks and noise (Audio Cleanup) " ce2knr.exe ". The prices were in the order of 69 $ and 49 $ in the year 2001. And, you can use the trial version to experiment with it.
You can download these two modules here : http://www.tti.net/ftp/pl-IV-ftp-files.html

and also here : ftp://ftp.tti.net/pub/powervoice4/cooledit/

and also here : http://www.01net.com/telecharger/windows/Multimedia/edition_audio/fiches/987.html

You can also do a Google search using the key words "ce2kmain" and "ce2knr".

It is also possible to find some other links at this dedicated website : http://www.delback.co.uk/lp-cdr.htm

Cool Edit Pro is not necessary if you are only going to deal with audio transfers and audio cleanups.

But if you want to use Cool Edit Pro, it must be known that since the 18th August 2003, Cool Edit Pro is now called AUDITION and is distributed by ADOBE.

(All the following descriptions in the use of Cool Edit 2000 and Audition are very nearly the same.)

It allows us to :

- Directly record the record players's signal on hard disk. This will be a digital file containing music and noise and clicks ...

And then

- Filter, correct, add effects, cut, copy, assemble, balance,optimize etc. - And especially to have the possibility of handling the parasites due to the nature of the vinyl disk. The music so repaired and optimized under the shape of " WAV PCM " files can be then be burnt directly on CDR by your favourite burning software.

This software knows how to use all the sound file formats (WAV, AIF, SND, IN, VOX, VOC etc. not forgetting MP3 and Real Audio) Besides this, this software has advanced possibilities in generation of sounds, noises, effects and alterations, and in audio and statistical analysis.

This marvel has all the same two drawbacks.

     A) Cool Edit 2000 exists only in one single language: English

     B) Due to its power and its multiple possibilities, it becomes complex to use.

One needs hard work and time to master it even with the excellent help files.
But at the end of the day of labour, it is worth it.

To be able to use it profoundly, it would be necessary to have good knowledge in audio, in physics, in mathematics and in statistics.
But don't let that upset you !
One can manage after a few experiments.

Here, I am going to try to expose and explain my METHOD and my TIPS.