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What you need:

- a record player with preferably a magnetic head.
- a preamplifier with RIAA correction if you have a magnetic head.
- a lead allowing to connect the outputs of your preamplifier to the inputs of your card sound.
- a PC computer using Windows 95 or superior. (Two to three Gigaoctets of free space)
- a stereophonic sound card (2 x16 bits at least)

and also

- a CDR burner.
- a CDR burning software.
- a software specialized in digital audio processing.

The results which you will obtain depend primarily on the quality of 6 things:

1) Of the mechanical quality of the record player and its pick-up arm

2) Of the quality of the pickup's head.
- If you have only a piezoelectric head, you will always have an average final result. (but in theory you will not need a preamplifier)
- If you have a magnetic head, you will be able to claim for Hi-Fi results.

3) Of the state of stylus (diamond or of sapphire).

4) Of the quality of the RIAA preamplifier.

5) Of the quality of analog to numerical conversion of your card sound.

6) Of the harmony existing between the 5 objects quoted above. (It is ridiculous to associate a super record player with a worn out stylus .)

And finally of course, of your skill to use software and a computer. (That can be learned.).

But don't let all these requirements put you off.
Indeed, perhaps, you can do without a " top-of-the-range-purist HiFi sound " and that you will listen to your Audio Cd on simple equipement. (or just on your computer). That is a question of taste, means and motivation. That can not be argued about. And if you become serious about this hobby then you can always upgrade your equipment.